33 1/3 RPM

Rock, Pop and Motown

Welcome to 33 1/3RPM Band. Our music is founded in our name itself, 33 1/3RPM. For many, you will remember the classic music of rock, pop and Motown when you listened to all that great music on record “albums.” Those were the days of The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Aretha Franklin, Wilson Pickett and many more Rock and Roll Hall of Famers. Our music is founded in the great classics of the 60’s through the 90’s; however, we don’t want to leave anyone on the dance floor or concert arena out, so we are continually adding new current songs and genres. Listen to classics from The Kingsmen to The Beatles and Rolling Stones or Pat Benatar to Journey and Leonard Skynyrd, Stevie Wonder to Etta James and Aretha Franklin to Lady Gaga, we have music for everyone.


Audiences not only love our shows, but many times join in on the performances. Our focus is to create a great evening of music, memories, dynamic lively atmosphere and engage the audience. Don’t be surprised if we grab a few members of the audience to join us on stage or on the dance floor.


The band members are dedicated to providing quality performances. Let’s introduce you to them:


Polly Block - Vocals and Synthesizer

Robert Cunningham - Drums

Chad DeCuir - Lead Guitar and Backup Vocals

Chris Dyess - Sound and Lighting Engineer

Gary Longbotham - Vocals and Bass Guitar

Lauren Thornton - Vocals and Keytar

Tom Wilhite - Keyboards